Express Air Taxi - (per hour - up to 3 passengers included)*

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Are you sick and tired of traffic, slow downs along your route, and not being able to make it home on time? At Michigan Helicopters we are a FAA licensed part 135 operator which ensures a SAFE timely departure and arrival. Statistically, air travel is much safer than ground travel.  No waiting around and no costly delays…we fly on your schedule!

Flexibility of point-to-point travel : Private helicopter charters offer a level of flexibility not commonly found with fixed wing aircraft. 

The advantages of flying point-to-point are often invaluable. The versatility of helicopters means that they can be used for business purposes or for transfers from airports to ski resorts, events or sports stadiums, which is why they are often referred to as a 'helicopter taxi'.
We have free parking on site and can shuttle you to Detroit Metro Airport in 15 minutes from Waterford. 

Our helicopters are intelligently designed and highly adaptable to address a range of individual requirements. We can access remote areas and city centers, with the ability to land at helipads, hotels and even private properties (where space allows) making them one of the most flexible and suitable aircraft types for travel to remote, crowded or otherwise difficult to reach destinations. 

Helicopter Info

Raven I Helicopter

Robinson R44 Raven

Max Speed: 150 MPH

Max Range: 3.0 Hours

Seating: Up to 3 passengers with environmental comfort controls

​Hourly rates above are for charters conducted airport-to-airport and scheduled more than 24 hours in advance. Certain hourly minimums will apply based on customer time requirements, seasonal peak times, etc. Each flight is quoted individually based on the customer's specific request and the requirements of the flight operations. One hour of pilot standby time included. 

** Prices on this website are subject to change without notice.

Additional fees will apply for:

- Flights scheduled less than 24 hours in advance

- After normal business hours, weekends and holidays.

- Flights requiring additional crew members, special equipment, camera systems, aircraft alterations, flight planning, off-airport landings, cargo carriage operations, landing fees, lodging, food, and any other fees required for the requested type of operations.

**Federal Excise Tax (FET) also applies, One hour minimum on all flights.  There is a per-seat weight limit of 300 pounds. Please be prepared to provide passenger weights when chartering any flight.  Reservations are required; please book as far in advance to assure availability.

Popular charter destinations



Private Heliport 10 minutes from magnificent mile.



Amazing island where horse drawn carriages and delicious fudge are a staple.



One of America's friendliest towns and great sports venue.



Race fans, this is where you go.



Enjoy the beauty of the power of the falls.



Michigan's hidden gem where the food is delicious and the amusement parks are abundant.


Enjoy the city skyline as we drop you off right in the heart of downtown Detroit! Michigan Helicopters will drop you off or pick you up from our exclusive private heliport. The heliport is connected to the Renaissance Center. Beat the city traffic and land within walking distance via a covered bridge that connects you directly to the Renaissance Center. Street access from our heliport will allow you to enjoy views of the river, shopping, dinning, and all that our great city has to offer! Fly your date to dinner and let us transport you back home! Is time of the essence and you have to catch a meeting? We can drop you off in style and you won't have to spend time fighting traffic, construction or parking! This is an opportunity only our company can provide. 


Some restrictions apply:

**Price does not included taxes & fees.   Weight restrictions apply, total passenger weight must not exceed 800 lbs, Individual passenger weight must not exceed 300 lbs **All changes to reservations require seven (7) days advance notice to avoid any additional rescheduling costs.  Any Participants or Individuals who have physical health conditions or concerns such as broken bones, pregnancy or other conditions which are considered to be unsafe may be ineligible to participate. All participants must have a valid photo ID (Passports, Drivers License, or State ID) Children accompanied by a Legal Guardian are not required to have a Photo I.D. unless they are 16 years of age or older. All helicopter flights may be cancelled by the Pilot due to high winds, heavy rain, fog, or other inclement weather conditions. The flight will be rescheduled at no additional costs if this occurs but there are no refunds.  All hazardous materials are prohibited.